In more than 25 years behind the camera Craig Wrobleski csc has served as cinematographer on productions of nearly every description.   

Craig’s drama credits include the feature films Rufus and 45 RPM.   Television work includes the acclaimed FX Networks series Fargo and Legion, the legendary series The X-Files,  the hit series Zoo for CBS,  more than 100 episodes of the popular CBC Television series Heartland  and numerous TV movies including The Dorm,  A Heartland Christmas, Held Hostage,  Northern Lights, Love Sick and others.  He has been second-unit DP on the feature films Boot Camp, Big City as well as the epic mini-series Klondike and Human Trafficking.  Craig has done award-winning  work on short films including Glue, June,  Pieces of Eight and others.

 Craig has lensed documentaries all over Canada, the US and into Europe on a wide variety of subjects.   In addition, Craig has photographed hundreds of commercials and promos broadcast all over North America for directors from across Canada and the US.  Many of the spots have garnered awards internationally.  His love of music has fused with his cinematography on music videos and live concert specials for MTV, MuchMusic, CMT, MuchMoreMusic, CBC, PBS and Bravo!.   He has recently shot collaborations between the Alberta Ballet,  k.d. lang and Joni Mitchell.

Craig lives south of Calgary with his wife, Monica, their three dogs and three horses.  He is represented by the APA Agency in Beverly Hills.



THE X-FILES (season 11) - dramatic series for FOX

FARGO (season 2 and 3) - dramatic series for F/X Network

LEGION (season 1) - dramatic series for F/X Network

ZOO 9 (season 2) - dramatic series for CBS

HEARTLAND (seasons 3-9) - dramatic series for CBC

THE DORM - TV movie for MTV

KLONDIKE (second unit) - mini-series for Discovery Channel/Scott Free

HUMAN TRAFFICKING (second unit) - mini-series for Lifetime


HELD HOSTAGE - TV movie for Lifetime

NORTHERN LIGHTS - TV movie for Lifetime

CONFESSIONS OF A GO-GO GIRL - TV movie for Lifetime

THE OTHER WOMAN - TV movie for Lifetime


LAST HOLIDAY - TV movie for Lifetime

DON’T CRY NOW - TV movie for Lifetime

I DREAM OF MURDER - TV movie for Lifetime



RUFUS - directed by David Shultz

LAST RITES OF RANSOM PRIDE (second unit) - directed by Tiller Russell

45 RPM - directed by David Shultz

BIG CITY (second unit) - directed by Djamel Bensalah

BOOT CAMP (second unit) - feature film directed by Christian Duguay



BUNNY HUG - comedy web-series


DOCUMENTARY (partial list)

BALLETLUJAH - arts documentary on k.d. lang and Alberta Ballet for CBC

THE GEOMETRY OF LOVE - study of the history and meaning of the church of Sant'Agnese fuori le Mura in Rome for Vision TV

BETWEEN: LIVING IN THE HYPHEN - an exploration of growing up as a mixed-race individual in Canada for the NFB

GOD’S EXPLORERS - documentary on the history and legacy of Jesuit missionaries in the Northwest Territories

KILLING TIME - MuchMusic documentary on AIDS and youth

SURVIVORS OF SHOAH - photographed interviews with Holocaust survivors for Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation



June - CSC Award 2011

Fargo - CSC Award nominee 2016

Synthesis - CSC Award nominee 2014

Rufus - Cinematography nominee 2013 Milan International Film Festival

16 AMPIA Award wins and more than 20 nominations for dramas, documentaries, commercials and music videos